water type fire extinguisher is the most commonly used fire extinguisher which uses water as an extinguishing agent. This is the most basic and earliest type of fire extinguisher.

This type of fire extinguisher is still most commonly used as this is the simplest fire extinguisher which does not need any kind of chemical.

Water type of fire extinguisher is used only in the case of class A fires. It is used to put off fire due to burning solids like wood, paper, and other organic materials.

This type of extinguisher cannot be used on electrical fires as water is a good conductor of electricity. It can be used after adding additives to make it a bad conductor.

It works by removing the heat from the burning material so as to bring down its temperature and finally switching off the fire.

Water fire extinguisher works very well on class A fires as it works by removing the heat of the burning material. Water can absorb a high amount of heat before vaporizing so it very efficiently puts off the fire.

We at Ultra Fire manufactures and imports high-quality water-type fire
extinguisher (stored pressure). This fire extinguisher is stored pressure which stores compressed carbon dioxide and water. Compressed carbon dioxide expels the water at very high pressure so as to break the fire.

Our fire extinguisher weighs 9Kgs. It has a BIS Spec of 15683. The discharge time of our extinguisher is 50 to 60 seconds and has a jet length of 6 to 8 meters. It has a test pressure of 35Kgf/Cm²/.