Hose pipes play a very important role in firefighting as it delivers the water from the pumps and hydrants to the desired application area. So as to ease the firefighting process these hose pipes should meet the desired properties for water and chemical fluid transportation.

Thermoplastic hose pipes are used for water delivery and another firefighting process. These hose pipes are made in layers reinforced with each other. In this manner, they are able to achieve great strength.

The lining of these hose pipes is made up of flexible thermoplastic and has a very smooth surface and bore. This way hose pipes are made flexible so that it can be easily used and can be turned in different directions very easily.

After the thermoplastic lining, the hose pipe is reinforced with a natural or synthetic textile which provides additional strength and protects the inner lining.

This layer is now covered with a thermoplastic cover so as to protect the inner two layers. This way it adds additional strength to the hose pipe and these hose pipes are able to withstand harsh weather conditions and different chemical fluids and acid attacks.

We at Ultra Fire provide excellent quality of thermoplastic hose pipes. These are available in two different types:

  1. Type 1: W.P. 6 Kgf/cm²
  2. Type 2: W.P. 10Kgf/cm²


IS: 12585 – Type – 1 W.P.6 Kgf/cm2

IS: 12585 – Type – 2 W.P.10. Kgf/cm2


  • Lining : A flexible Thermoplastic Lining, Smooth in
  • Reinforcement: A Natural or Synthetic Textile
  • Reinforcement: A flexible thermoplastics cover, which may have a smooth or fluted.
  • Normal Bore (ID) : 10.00 mm to 50.00 mm
  • Application : This Hose is used for water delivery & Fire Fighting