Portable fire extinguishers are the most important and mostly used device to control a fire breakout but there are several limitations to its use. The most important limitation is that they are manually operated and require a human to operate them.

It is not always possible for a human being to go near a fire and control it. And it is also not possible that an area is occupied during a fire breakout.

For example, a server room or a storage room is mostly unoccupied by humans but there are very many chances of a fire breakout and it is very important to protect the valuables that are there.

So to overcome this problem automatic systems are introduced. A sprinkler fire system is based on an electrical fire extinguisher.

It consists of three parts: First part is a detection mechanism which on detecting fire sends a signal to the activation mechanism which in turn activates the fire extinguisher system thirdly there is a fire extinguishing agent which is sprayed and applied on the burning area so as to control the fire.

The automatic system is also very important as it does not have to be manually operated and can activate itself on detecting a fire and can extinguish itself without any external intervention.

The detection mechanism contains a sprinkler head that contains a glass bulb that contains a heat the sensitive element which expands on heating and after exceeding a threshold temperature bursts the glass which sends a signal to the activation mechanism to activate the fire extinguisher.

A sprinkler head is installed in different parts of the space which is to be fire protected so that it can detect fire efficiently. This head system is connected to the extinguisher system which serves the purpose of a complete fire protection system.

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Sprinkler system is very important and efficient in protecting large server rooms, data centers, and storage rooms which mainly remains unoccupied and hence no one is available to operate fire extinguisher during a fire breakout.

Hence the sprinkler system is very effective in such cases as they are installed everywhere to cover large spaces of such server rooms or storage rooms.

Automatic fire suppression is efficient as compared to the manual system as it can activate itself in no time hence it ensures minimum damage because of fire.

Once installed it ensures complete fire protection besides it should be maintained from time to time to ensure proper working in every situation. Hence fire sprinklers are better and more effective than a conventional manual fire extinguishing system.