The firefighting system is equipped in the building structure at the time of construction. It includes a separate complete water supply in the entire structure so that a readily available water source is ensured for firefighting purposes.

Outlet landing valves are used to connect to that water supply. It is the point where a firefighter can get a high-pressure high volume water supply. We at Ultra Fire manufactures excellent quality single outlet landing valves which are very efficient in their job.

The single outlet landing valve has one single outlet point where water supply can be connected. They are designed to operate either complete or complete off.

Landing valves are permanently charged with water supply so that it can be used in the emergency for firefighting. They do not throttle the water supply it just switches it completely ON so that there is no delay in that emergency situation of firefighting.

We provide type A ISI marked single outlet landing valve. The size of our outlet landing valve is 63mm and the inlet is 80mm NB flanged. The outlet thread is female and instantaneous. Our valves conform to IS5290:1993. Our outlet landing valves exceeds the hydraulic test of 21 Kgf/cm². It has passed water tightness at 15 Kgf/cm². It has got a flow test at 900 LPM at 7 Kgf/cm².

We have two types of single outlet landing valve:

  1. Stainless Steel Landing Valve.

The body and assembly of this valve is made of stainless steel IS 3444. The valve spindle is made from stainless steel IS 6603. Spring is made from stainless steel IS 6528. Gland packing asbestos thread is of IS:4687 (Type 3). The handwheel is made from grey cast iron.

  1. Gun Metal Landing Valve.

Body and assembly of this valve is made up of LTB2 IS: 318 while valve spindle is made up of brass rod IS: 319/320. Its spring is made up of phosphorous wire IS: 7608 and gland packing asbestos thread is of IS: 4687 (TYPE 3). Hand wheel is made up of grey cast iron.