RRL hose pipe stands for reinforced rubber lined hose which is used for transmitting water, foam, fluids, etc. RRL hose is used to deliver fluids and water at very high pressure so as to cover a large fire area.

These RRL hose pipes are made by reinforcing rubber jacket layers. The rubber jacket layer is made up of a special blend of cotton and synthetic yarn so that they are able to withstand high pressure and different weather conditions.

Reinforcing provides abrasion and corrosion resistance to hose pipes which makes these hose pipes very durable and increases its life.

RRL Hose pipe is preferred by firefighting men as they are light in weight and are able to withstand high backpressure. Since they are made of rubber layers so they are flexible and are easy to use due to its flexibility.

These hose pipes are resistant against chemicals, acids, oils, grease, and can be used to transmit any chemicals or foam or water. They are able to withstand the high-temperature range.

We at Ultra Fire manufactures and import high-quality RRL hose pipes that meet the IS standards IS 636/1988. They are available in 2 lengths of 15 and 30 meters.


  • Compact, Flexible & Lightweight, Abrasion Resistant, Ability to withstand high operating & back Pressure.
  • Confirming to IS: 636/1988
  • Application: This RRL Hose used for water delivery purpose in Fire-Fighting & Civil Engineering Application
  • Jacket: Circular woven jacket made from a special blend of cotton & synthetic yarn with high abrasion and heat resistance Jacket is also treated with suitable rat-proofing
  • Rubber Lining: A rubber inner lining with a suitable rubber compound which gives flexibility, durability & better
  • Standard Length : 15 Mtrs & 30

They are available in two types: –

Type A.

This is type A Reinforced rubber lined hose pipe.


Type B.

This is type B Reinforced rubber lined hose pipe.