Nowadays automatic systems are preferred over manual system as it removes the constraint of the system to be operated manually and is quite efficient for server rooms or spaces which remains unoccupied by manpower.

This system activates on its own during a fire breakout so it saves time and manpower to operate in that hazardous situation.

A modular type of fire extinguisher is ceiling-mounted automatically initiated fire extinguishers. Modular type fire extinguishers are based on a sprinkler system that gets activated when the surrounding atmosphere crosses a threshold temperature.

It is based on automated operations which include: a method of detection, a trigger that activates the system and a fire extinguishing agent which defeats the fire and extinguishes it.

The working mechanism of a modular type fire extinguisher is quite similar to that of a manual type fire extinguisher but the major difference is that instead of operating it manually modular type fire extinguisher operates automatically when it detects a fire in the surrounding.

In manual type fire extinguisher to operate it, we have to manually squeeze the handle so as to work but in the case of modular type extinguisher, it has a glass bulb.

The glass bulb contains a heat-sensitive element which expands as it gets hot in the nearby surroundings when it gets enough hot and surpasses a threshold temperature the glass bulb breaks and sends the signal for the automatic system to work.

After that, an extinguishing agent is released on to fire which extinguishes the fire and the agent to be used depends on the nature of fire.

The agents are either simple wet or dry chemical types in case of a pre-engineered system or formulated agents that can be stored as a liquid and at the time of need can be expelled in the form of gas for optimum safety and efficiency.

Automated systems are a great option for fire protection of those areas which mostly remains unsupervised like server rooms, etc. These spaces mostly remain less occupied by peoples but are a major asset for a business so it is very important to ensure fire protection of these areas.

This is a very cost-effective method of fire protection for these kinds of areas. This method of fire protection is very helpful in ensuring complete fire protection for large unoccupied spaces.

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