M foam fire extinguisher use foam to extinguish the fire. The outer container of the extinguisher is filled with water. The central portion contains a container which holds the carbon dioxide charge and foam solution.

A plunger mechanism equipped with a safety guard is present above the central container. When the plunger is pressed the carbon dioxide is released which results in the mixing of foam solution and water.

The mixture is then expelled through a special nozzle which results in the formation of mechanical foam. An internal pipe runs through the fire extinguisher for the purpose.

Foam type fire extinguishers are suitable for fire arising due to class B fire.

This extinguisher is best used in the case of fire arising due to oil, petrol, paints and other flammable liquids where the blanking effect is required.

The layer of foam cuts off the oxygen supply which creates a blanking effect and extinguishes the fire. Foam has the ability to cover the burning liquid or to soak into burning materials.

We at Ultra Fire manufactures the best in class aqueous film-forming foam fire extinguishers that are bound to outperform in the emergency case of fire protection.

Our foam type fire extinguisher can be used to put off fire-related due to class A and B objects. Our extinguisher comes with a rated capacity of 9 liters. Its BIS spec is 15683.

It has discharge time of 50 to 60 seconds. It has jet length of 6 to 8 meters. It has test pressure of 35 Kgf/Cm².