Fireball is a kind of fire extinguisher in the shape of a ball which is used to extinguish a fire. It is in the form of a ball that is thrown in a fire.

When a fireball is thrown in a fire it releases mono ammonium phosphate powder which extinguishes the fire. Mono ammonium phosphate powder separates all three elements of fire that are fuel, oxygen, and heat.

In the case of conventional fire extinguishers, a trained person is required to activate the fire extinguisher and use it carefully so that it directs the stream effectively towards the fire.

But in the case of the fireball, anyone can use it including women, children’s or elder persons as it is quite light in weight, weighing just around 1.5 Kgs.

Fire extinguisher ball does not require any skilled person to operate it just needs to be thrown away in the naked flame and it will activate itself and will cover an area of around 8 to 10 m².

It will release dry chemical powdered mono ammonium phosphate which covers the entire area in its range and puts off the fire. Fire extinguisher ball is the most effective and fastest way to stop any class of fire.

It is suitable for class A, B, C, and E fire. It is suitable for extinguishing fire resulting from wood, paper, other organic material, liquid fires including oil, petrol, gasoline, etc, fire caused by gasses and fire caused by electrical
machinery and appliances.

Fireballs are the safest fire extinguisher as the user does not need to go near the fire to operate, it just needs to be thrown towards the fire and it will do the rest on its own.

Fire extinguisher ball is non-toxic for human beings and is also safe for the environment as it does not use any toxic chemicals.

When a fireball is thrown into a fire it gets activated in just 3 seconds when it comes in contact with the naked flame and raises an alarm to inform others in its vicinity and explodes the dry chemical powder and extinguishes the fire in its range.

If a large fire is burning then more fireballs are required to completely put off the fire. Since it is light in weight and does not require any skill to use it so it is the best and safest method of fire extinguishing which can be used by any person.

Ultra fire is a renowned name when it comes to the manufacturing of fire extinguisher balls. We manufacture high-quality fireballs that do not require any periodic maintenance and it comes with a guaranteed life of 5 years.

So it is very cost-effective for our clients as it saves their maintenance cost and comes guaranteed for a complete life span of about 5 years. It is the best and fastest fire extinguisher as it gets activated within 3 seconds and completely puts off the fire in its entire range.