A fire hydrant system was developed to provide the firefighter’s access to water needed to extinguish the fire. Firefighters reach the emergency area in their fire truck which contains all the equipment for firefighting like hoses, pumps, valves, water tanks, etc.

But they have a very limited amount of water on their tank which will be insufficient in extinguishing a large fire. So to overcome this problem all the big structures, malls, offices, and spaces are made equipped with a fire hydrant system.

Fire hydrant system is basically an access point which provides high water volume with great efficiency to deal with firefighting scene. A fire hydrant system is available in the neighborhood everywhere to deal with an emergency fire situation.

In an emergency situation firefighters uses their tank water so as to start the firefighting procedure at the earliest possible time.

In the meantime, other fighters search for the nearest fire hydrant system which is usually color-coded and mostly red-colored so that they are able to locate easily in an emergency situation.

 fire system contains many valves where firefighters can connect their hose and supply the water to their pump which in turn supplies the water to different fire hoses which release water stream so as to extinguish the fire.

Fire hydrant system is taken into account during the early construction of a big structure so as to deal with an emergency situation later in the future.

Fire hydrant system is designed in a way that it can supply high pressure and volume of water than regular mains to facilitate the firefighting situation.

A normal supply of water would not be able to reach all the floors of a high story building that’s why fire hydrant systems are designed to deliver the boosted water supply at emergency times.

Moreover, this is connected to a high-pressure booster pump via hoses which transmit high-pressure stream on to the application area.

The water pressure in the hydrant system is very high which can lead to severe injuries that is why firefighters always wear safety equipment like a helmet, gloves, etc.

These hydrants are not available for normal people as it requires a special kind of tool to operate this system. A fire system is installed in every part of the city as a measure of managing disasters.

They can be found in every part of the world, some countries have installed it above the ground while some countries have installed it below the ground so that the water in the pipeline does not freeze because of low-temperature weather conditions.

Apart from firefighting, these hydrants can be used to provide relief to common peoples in other emergency situations also. These hydrants are maintained by the government agencies and are serviced from time to time so that they are available with high efficiency whenever needed.