Fire hose cabinets are boxes to store fire hose pipes and other first aid equipment’s so that all the equipment for firefighting can be found in a single place.

fire hose cabinets are installed at the easily accessible place and are color-coded so that they are visible clearly in emergency fire breakout.

It has all the complete equipment that needs to be stored so that it can be used in a fire emergency.

We at Ultra Fire manufactures of all shapes and sizes as per the requirement of our clients.

It can be made up of any material as requested by our clients like mild steel sheet, stainless steel sheet and aluminum sheet.

We provide both single and double door type cabinets with locking arrangement.

It is equipped with glass on the front and has key locking system.

Size : All sizes of Boxes / Frames fabricated as per client’s specification

Material : Mild Steel Sheet, Stainless Steel Sheet, Aluminium Sheet

Type : Single Door / Double Door type with Locking Arrangment Front Glass and key