firefighting system is a system installed in a house, mall, office or any building which is used to control and extinguish fire in case of a fire breakout.

These systems are installed during the construction of the building so as to prevent a hazardous situation and minimize the damage caused by the fire breakout. This is one of the most important parts of building construction as it aims to protect human life and property.

First of all, a building should be constructed in accordance with the industry standards as directed by the government. It should follow all the building construction codes.

Secondly, fire alarms and smoke detectors should be installed so as to get informed at the earliest possible time to avoid most damages and extinguish the fire at the earliest stage.

All the components for fire fighting system must be installed like water supply valves, fire hydrants, water pumps, connecting hose, sprinklers, etc.

Mostly firefighting systems consist of applying water to burning compounds and bringing down its temperature so as to extinguish the fire. In case of a fire breakout due to electricity or oil different compounds like dry chemical powders are used to extinguish the fire.

The firefighting system operates by removing one or more of three elements needed for combustion i.e. fuel, heat, and oxygen.There are two kinds of firefighting system:

In the Mechanical firefighting system, mechanical equipment are used like hose pipes, nozzles, etc.
2. Electrical.
In electrical firefighting system, electrical components and devices are used like a sprinkler, etc. Nowadays automatic sprinkler systems are preferred for safety against fire breakouts.
The type of fire extinguishing system depends on the nature of the burning material. According to ISO standard on the basis of burning compounds, there can be four types of fire.
Class A:
Fire involving solid material, usually of organic nature.
Class B:
Fire involving liquids or liquefiable solids.
Class C:
Fire involving gases.
Class D:
Fire involving metals.
Portable Fire Extinguisher. It is a device used to gain control over the fire usually operated by the in-house peoples before the fire service arrives.

These are very helpful as it helps in gaining control at the earliest possible time and it does not allow the fire to extend and if the correct extinguishing compound incorrect amount then.

it will extinguish the fire at the instant preventing a major breakout and saving lives and property. On the basis of chemical agents these are classified as follows:

Extinguishing Agent Principle use
Water Mostly for wood fires and due to papers. Not suitable for oil or electricity fire.
Foam Suitable for Flammable liquid fires. Not suitable for Electrical fires.
Carbon Dioxide Suitable for Electrical fires.
Dry Chemicals Suitable for Flammable liquids and Electrical fires.
Wet Chemicals Suitable for Fat-Fires. Not suitable for Electrical fires.
Special Agents Various (example Metal fires.).

Fire Hose Reels. Fire Hose reels are installed on-premises so as to be used by the in-house peoples as well as by firefighting me.

A valve is attached at the end of the hose reel and another end of the hose is connected to the water valve. This system is used to stream water jet on the fire breakout to extinguish the fire.

Fire Hydrant System. A fire hydrant system is installed on the premises and have a water reticulation system. It helps the firefighting men to get access to the water quickly so as to start the fire controlling operation.

Automatic Sprinkler System. Automatic sprinkler system are electrical equipment which on detecting fire starts sprinkling water or gas so as to extinguish the fire.