Fire fighting equipment are the products that are used to control a fire breakout. These equipment’s are designed in a way that any skilled or unskilled user can use it to control fire in an emergency situation.

Firefighting equipment is the main equipment that a firefighter uses to gain control over the fire and extinguish it. These equipment include portable fire extinguishers, hose pipe, water/foam monitors, Nozzles, Valves, Safety equipment, etc.

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All of our inputs are certified to meet and exceed the industry standards. So that in the case of a fire emergency our products meet the needs of the firefighting men.

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We have a wide range of new and advanced firefighting equipment that can be easily used to control fire without leaving any kind of negative after-effects. Firefighting equipment offered by Ultra Fire are as follows:

Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguishers are a portable cylindrical object which releases different compounds at high speed and pressure which is used to extinguish the fire.

Different types and capacity of fire extinguishers are available to meet the requirements of extinguishing fire arising due to the burning of different types of flammable materials. Different sizes are available to meet the requirement based on the area of the fire.

Short Branched pipe with Nozzle

It is a fire fighting device that generates and directs a stream of water, foam, powder or other fire-extinguishing substance. It comes with a tube and nozzle to serve the purpose. Our nozzles are manufactured with high-quality raw materials and are appreciated by our clients.

RRL Hose Pipe Male/Female Type Coupling

A Hosepipe coupling is a connector usually made of aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass, etc which is used for connecting hose with another hose or any Nozzle.

Single Outlet Landing Valve

Landing valves are the point of water source from where a firefighter gets a water supply installed on the premise so as to get water during a fire emergency. A single outlet landing valve has one outlet for water supply.

Wall Mounted Hose Reel Drum Set

The wall-mounted hose reel set is a hose reel set which is mounted directly on the wall of premises which can be used in the case of a fire emergency.

RRL Hose

These are the hose pipes that are used to sprinkle water and chemical from the stored container and water pump to the area of application so as to control the fire.

Water/Foam Monitors

Water/Foam monitors are mounted on a stand and they have outlets in different directions at different angles. These monitors help in directing and maintaining the direction of the application of fire extinguishing compounds.

Thermoplastic Hose Pipe

These hose pipes are made of Thermoplastics and have different layers of reinforcement so as to improve its quality. These hose pipes are used to deliver water and other firefighting compounds.

Dry Chemical Powder

These are chemical powder developed especially to serve the purpose of firefighting. These chemical powders are used to extinguish fire where water cannot be used like a fire caused by electricity.

Fire Hose Cabinets

Fire Hose cabinets are mounted on the wall or grounds of a premise where fire safety equipment is installed. These cabinets are used to store and protect hose pipes.

Double Outlet Landing Valve

The double outlet valve has two outlets so as to get two connections from a single valve.


It is a device mounted on the ceilings above which sprinkles water when the sprinkler system detects a fire. It works when there is a fire breakout and it makes the air temperature high which in turn initiates the sprinkler system and it discharges water to extinguish the fire.

Multi-Purpose Nozzle

These nozzles are used to make the stream of water or other chemical agents that are directed over the fire so as to extinguish it.

It is a device installed in the ceilings of the premise for safety which rings an alarm when it detects smoke and informs every one of the emergency situation.