Fire is the most ultimate discovery made by the mankind but a little negligence in its use can lead to a disastrous situation.

We at KK Industries manufactures leading firefighting equipment and supplies all over India and has a brand name ‘ULTRA FIRE’.

We manufacture and import high-quality fire extinguishers so as to provide our best helping hand to save lives which otherwise would have been compromised with fire breakouts.

We are one of the leading manufacturers of fire extinguishers in Delhi. Our Fire extinguishers play a very crucial role in controlling fire and minimizing fatalities caused by a breakout of fire.

We are eminent manufacturers and suppliers of all types of fire extinguishers. We are situated in the golden location of Delhi manufacturing high-class products. The fire extinguisher is actively used for controlling and extinguishing small fires.

A fire Extinguisher contains a cylindrical pressured container that contains an agent that can be discharged on to a fire to extinguish it. Our manufacturing unit is equipped with advanced and highly sophisticated machines and equipment to meet our goal of providing high-class equipment’s which never fails during their operation in emergency situations.

We lead this industry by providing highly customized products of amazing quality and we have earned an excellent reputation among our highly esteemed clients. We are proud of providing excellent after-sales services and maintenance to our valued customers.

We have high capacity manufacturing unit functioning on completely automated machines and skilled staff of experienced engineers and workers.

we are fully committed to fulfilling our goal of high-class equipment’s which never fails during their operation. Our highly committed staff fulfills our targets with optimum utilization of resources.

We have invested our good time in acquiring state-of-the-art machinery from all over the world for our plants to bring quality products of global standards to our highly valued customers.

We believe in sustained usage of best available advanced manufacturing processes and our experience and support of our highly valued customers give us an advantage over our competitors.

We provide safe, highly efficient and excellent quality of fire extinguishers which are manufactured by us ensuring all the international standards.

and our products are as per the quality guidelines of ISO 9001 standards. Each and every product of our company complies with the strictest standards of all International Standards.

Our research labs are equipped with a range of state of the art testing instruments so as to ensure the best possible quality of our fire extinguishers.

Our team has a good time of experience in this industry providing world-class fire extinguishers manufactured in Delhi and in leading parts of this high tech world.

With the help of our committed staff, we are able to provide excellent high-class products at a competitive price.

We believe in proving best possible solutions to our customers to protect what they love so that they don’t lose them because of fires.

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