The dry chemical powder is a chemical agent that is used for firefighting purposes. These are specially formulated chemical agents that are used to put off the fire.

These are multi-class fire extinguishing chemical powders that are used in a variety of industries.

These powders can be used in all A, B and C classes of fires. These powders are basically mono ammonium phosphate-based chemical powders that are used to put off fires. There are also bi carbonate-based powders that are used for fire extinguishing purposes.

It has application in all class of fires:

Class A: These chemical powders have a very high melting point and hence it puts off the fire by covering the oxygen supply of class A fire.

Class B: These chemical powders put off B class fire by breaking the chain reaction of the burning materials. Class B includes fire due to oil, petrol, gasoline, paints, etc.

Class C: It is also safe for class C fire as it is non-conductor of electricity and hence is able to put off class C fire.

We at Ultra Fire provides two types of dry chemical powders for firefighting:

  1. ABC Powder.

This is mono ammonium phosphate based ABC powder that can be used on all class of fires.

  1. BC Powder.

This is bi-carbonate based chemical powder which can be used on class B and class C fires.