Water is mainly used for extinguishing fire in case of fire related due to organic materials, papers, etc.But water cannot be used to extinguish fire arising due to petrol, ethanol, oil, paints, electricity, etc. In this scenario, CO2 fire extinguishers come into the picture.

These fire extinguishers use pure carbon dioxide gases to switch off the oxygen supply so as to extinguish the fire. Carbon dioxide is stored in pressurized liquid form in these types of fire extinguishers when it is discharged into the atmosphere.

it converts into a gas it then cut off the air supply of the fire and since it discharges at very low temperature it also facilitates in extinguishing the fire by lowering the temperature of the fire which is necessary for the burning of fire.

C02 fire extinguishers are mainly used for class B and C fires. Carbon Dioxide Fire extinguisher is helpful in extinguishing the fire arising due to oil, petrol, paints, electricity as the carbon dioxide is a low-cost cleaning agent and does not damage electrical components and appliances.

Since it works by removing the oxygen supply and covering it with carbon dioxide it is not advisable to use it in confined spaces where there is no proper ventilation as it can cause suffocation due to oxygen depletion plus the user must use this extinguisher with caution as the discharge horn becomes very cold and can cause severe cold burns.

It has more advantages than disadvantages that is why CO2 fire extinguisher is more popular than any other type of fire extinguisher.

It releases only pure carbon dioxide gas which leaves no residue on the area of application and hence does not damages the machines or electrical equipment.

Since it does not leave any residue unlike foam type and water type fire extinguishers hence it does not require any after cleaning process and does not harm the area of application.

Every year businesses and offices report loss of their critical assets due to fire breakout. We at Ultra Fire manufactures and imports only highly rated CO2 Fire extinguisher which provides high efficient extinguishing properties during a fire emergency.

and do not damage delicate machines and electrical equipment’s thus saving our customers from fire hazards as well as protecting their property and machinery from fire damage.

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