Fire extinguishers are the most portable and instant available fire protection solution to control or extinguish a fire. In most cases fire extinguishers uses water, foam, chemicals, etc as an extinguishing agent.

But these extinguishing agent either extends the damage on a burning object or leave an after the residue which leaves the object of no use so there’s a need of an extinguishing agent which does not leave any residue and do not damage the object that we want to protect fire.

Every year businesses and offices faces lose their important data, documents, and machinery due to fire damage plus the agent used to extinguish the fire also damages as it leaves the residue.

An extinguishing agent like water, foam, chemicals, etc leaves the residue after extinguishing the fire which damages the machinery, electronic equipment’s and documents.

In this method, we are able to control the fire but we are not in a position to save the objects from damages. We at Ultra Fire understand the importance of the assets of our clients that is why we have developed our clean agent gas fire extinguisher which does not leave any residue after the application.

Our Clean agent fire extinguisher uses a volatile, electrically non-conductive, gaseous agent to extinguish a fire which
do not leave any residue and does not harm sensitive electronic equipment.

This way we are able to protect our client’s valuables like client customer records, art, antiques, and intellectual properties. Our clean agent fire extinguishers are designed in a way so that it controls the fire in its early stage
before it can spread hence saving lives and properties.

It is electrically non-conductive hence does not interfere with electrical equipment. It is volatile and evaporates easily without leaving any residue for costly cleanup hence it is cost-effective also.

Our Clean agent gases do not interfere with the ozone layer and have a short atmospheric lifetime. Hence it is eco-friendly also.

These are the reasons we are proud of our clean agent fire extinguisher which very well serves its purpose of protecting important assets of our valued customers from fire.

And it also helps in maintaining the condition of the assets by not leaving any residue buildup for the sake of cleaning. We at Ultra Fire always work to provide our customers with the best-updated product.

We have a modern infrastructure with highly skilled professionals from around the world who always deliver excellent products for our highly valued customers. We are also proud of our after-sales services which we handle very professionally.