The ABC fire extinguisher is the most important device that is used to control a fire breakout. There are many classes of fires classified on the basis of the type of material that is burning. So to deal with different classes of five different types of extinguishing agent are needed.

It can be a difficult task to choose a particular type of fire extinguishers in some cases that’s why multi-class fire extinguishers are made.

We at Ultra Fire provides our client ABC multipurpose fire extinguisher which can be used on class A, class B as well as class C fire. Class A fire is related to the burning of wood, paper or other organic material, while class B fires are because of flammable liquids like oil, petrol, gasoline, etc.

Class C fires arise because of electrical equipment. If we try to use water as an extinguishing agent then it will be good for class A fires but it is not suitable for class B and class C fires.

Hence we had developed multipurpose fire extinguisher which is suitable to use on all classes of fires. ABC chemical fire extinguisher uses mono ammonium phosphate powder to extinguish the fire.

ABC extinguisher is suitable in the scenario for all three classes of fire. Since it uses the dry chemical as an extinguishing agent hence it is also known as a dry chemical fire extinguisher.

It has mono ammonium phosphate which smothers the fire and eventually leads to break off the fire. We at Ultra Fire produce industry-leading ABC type fire extinguisher which serves its purpose every time in every situation.

We are proud of our high-class manufacturing plants which are able to manufacture defect-free ABC extinguisher. Our ABC type fire extinguisher is available in a variety of sizes and types so as to meet every customer’s needs.

At Ultra Fire we provide both trolley mounted and portable ABC extinguisher. We are bound to meet every customer’s needs by providing extinguishers of all sizes ranging from 1 Kg to 9 Kg.

Thus we ensure that our extinguishers can be used in every scenario and every space from small spaces to large spaces. We also provide high capacity ABC extinguisher mounted on trolley’s ranging from 25 Kgs to 75 Kgs so
that they are available for every situation and every size of space.

Portable ABC type fire extinguishers are available in 5 different sizes: 1 Kg, 2 Kg, 4 Kg, 6 Kg, and 9 Kg. While the smaller ones are the most portable and are suitable for small spaces the 9 Kg one is the largest in a portable form which is suitable to cover a large area or where fire risks are higher.

Trolley mounted fire extinguishers are generally high capacity and have heavyweight. They are suitable for large spaces as they have high capacity than portable ones.

ABC type fire extinguisher is must for every offices and industry as they can be applied in a variety of situation and can help us to fire protection in a wide range of scenario.

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